Sunday, December 11, 2011

day 1 at the holler

We thought that flying a red-eye and being able to sleep on the plane would make the trip out to the holler a little more bearable. Make it feel like we're not wasting an entire day traveling. But Jay didn't get any sleep on the flight at all, and driving two hours after being on a plane for six hours in morning city traffic really kinda messes with your senses. Your perception of time is totally thrown off, and while we were tired, we proceeded to get the cabin organized once we got there around 10:30am. The mattress and bed frame had arrived unscathed, woo hoo!

We went to Wal-Mart (I swear I'm going to stop shopping there once we move) and got a few things like a coffee table, end table, and other odds and ends. Then we polished off the last of the CR and called it a night.

Coffee table assembly.

Sun coming down the mountain.

Abandoned house next door. We were told this was probably "Mama's house",
which will likely remain unoccupied forever. Perfect neighbor.

Deciduous trees allow the sunlight through in winter. RAD.

Ski is a delicious lemon/orange carbonated beverage.
Makes an excellent chaser.

Need some SNP artwork, of course.


Friday, December 9, 2011


This was like the calm before the storm. You should be enjoying the silence (aka, lack of posts) because you will be overwhelmed with pics from our trip the holler this past week.

It was awesome, people. We got 20-degree lows, 65-degree highs, lots of sun, a fair amount of rain, and even some snow - a real taste of late Fall, I'm telling ya. We got to see how our property drains during heavy rains, that our roof doesn't leak, and that our wood-burning stove works REALLY well. Almost too well. Pretty sure we got the cabin up to 100 degrees inside by mistake. Whoops.

So be prepared for mass picture overload commencing manana!