we, the mountainsteaders

and now my bro-in-law (aka, BiL)

and the big white dog aptly named
Bob Barker (RIP, my sweet puppy)
and then a big red dog called
Clyde Dog
plus the mini panther known as
NEK/C (Nasty Evil Kitten/Cat)
and then some
Stupid Chickens (now at their new home at friend Lori's Boulder Creek home)

Jay is an incredibly talented carpenter, and I am a profesh+photog (I dislike the word "professional photographer" - it makes me sound like a snobby prick). If you need beautiful woodworking done, doors hung right, or that killer new deck built, he's your man. If you want yourself or your family or your rug rats looking super awesome in digital or film format, lemme know. I also have tons of bitchin' fine art photography for sale if you need to decorate sad, bare walls or just like to mix up your artwork now and then.

We, the mountainsteaders, have acquired our land and hope to move onto it within two years of November 2011 moved out to our land in early August 2012!. This blog chronicles our ideas, aspirations, and trial homesteading projects. We're full-time mountainsteaders living the simple life!


  1. This looks scary. I watched "deliverance" you know!
    From cousin dave

  2. Replies
    1. Bob Barker? Pure genius! I just have to ask... is he neutered?

    2. Oh yes, at 13+ years old, Barker is quite old and very neutered. :)

  3. We're looking at the same project except to build an Earthship in Peru. Wife's a professional photog as well