Wednesday, November 9, 2011

icky hair

Folks, hair happiness is not using baking soda and apple cider vinegar in your hair care routine. I started The Craziness on October 18 and barely made it over three weeks. And truthfully, my hair didn't look that bad, and I didn't smell funny, and I was enjoying being able to curl my hair, but it just wasn't worth it because of one thing: STATIC CLING.

That shit was driving me totally bonkers, and when I got home later than usual last night, all I wanted to do was eat something, relax, and take a shower and not have to rub grit through my hair or spray food on it. Furthermore, any semblance of shininess had quickly run for the hills once I decided to punish my flaxen strands this way, and dang it, I like shiny and soft. Crisp and straw-like isn't what I had in mind.

Although I was shooting for a month of trial, I'm pretty sure three weeks was long enough to conclude that hippie hair is not for me. Today, my hair is soft, smooth, straight, and not plastered to my forehead like a piece of wet plastic wrap. This method may work well for some people and I had certainly done my research, but at this point in my life, my hair clearly requires some level of chemical in it to be in happyland.

Mitsy has happy hair once again
and is not a hippie anymore.

Stupid hippies and their baking soda/vinegar shenanigans. Miss Ali, my hair care professional and friend extraordinaire, can rest assured that The Craziness is definitely over. for now


  1. Way to go...or at least on the 3 week effort!! Curious but could never be brave enough to even attempt that hippie ritual for as long as you did. I'm sure you were still gorgeous, even with plastic wrap hay hair stuck to your forehead. But glad you're back! ;)

  2. I tried a homemade olive soap shampoo concoction with no conditioner except lavender essential oil to the scalp about a year ago. I couldn't do it longer than a week bc I was looking like a bum at work... The answer I feel good about now is to only buy brands I believe are doing things sustainably. I was so rooting for your baking soda & vinegar though :(

  3. As always, your hair looks beautiful Sarah, and very happy as well :)

  4. Most of the people I read about who've tried it seem to have been short lived with it and give up like you did. It's probably good for initially stripping crap out of your hair for a few weeks but longer than that I think I'd be ready to revert back to shampoo as well.