Friday, November 4, 2011

introducing rural Appalachia

Some images from our July and September trips to the holler...

Hwy 33 along the Clinch River (on the left).

Rad Victorian with copper roof.

Sunset from our front porch.

Back into Tennessee from Virginia.

Kudzu: one of the most hated and invasive species in the Southeast.

Sunrise near Bean Station, TN.

Norris Lake (dammed portion of the Clinch River).

Stunning, no? And we've come to find that the local town folk are incredibly welcoming and friendly despite our concerns with our "California" appearance. We've already met a few neighbors, the Highway Commissioner, wonderful new friends from Knoxville, the owner of the package store down the road, the school bus driver, and a few locals in front of the laundromat. I love Appalachia.


  1. This is really neat! It's so cool you are pursing your dreams. It will be fun to read about your journey!

  2. Thanks, Elaine! We're super excited. Hope all is well with you and the fam. :)