potty mouth

Yea, I like to use bad words sometimes. Please don't be offended by it. And rest assured, I won't use the Good Lord's name in vain (lord lord lord lord lord lord lord, doesn't lord sound funny when you say it over and over again? kinda like paperclip. Paperclip paperclip paperclip paperclip paperclip).

I feel that bad words can help emphasize a point. And sometimes I just feel the need to burst forth with profanity. Okie? Onward!


  1. Your mother asks "why?" That is, the bad words? A well written sentence or an appropriately chosen
    descriptive word are also very effective in making a point. Like shit, merde, basura. Especially when referencing our current presidente and his lectures!

  2. You funny, Mama. I agree that words should be appropriately chosen, and I choose to sometimes say the bad ones, mostly just because I feel like it. :)