Saturday, September 15, 2012

seriously overdue

Screens are important out here. Large bugs are constantly trying to invade.

Post-Clinch-River-outing. This dog was made for swimming.

I killed a wasp and a Red-Spotted-Purple butterfly by
mistake the other day. I only feel sorry about the butterfly.

The Nekster venturing out.

Wedding gift from days ago courtesy of friends Arlo + Jasmine (RIP)
and family. Now permanent garden art at the holler. 

I could seriously knit a sweater from the Clyde Dog fur. 


  1. Go for it! Is that really all Clydie hair! Wow, would it be like using wool from a sheep! Good grief!

    1. Yes, it's all from that beast! I don't think you can actually card and spin dog hair like you can with sheep wool, but I might just try it someday. ;)

  2. Oh yeah, just had to comment on your Martha Stewart's steak recipe. So Martha leaves something to be desired in the onion gravy and steak prep, eh!? The FU comments struck me as hilarious! Love-your Ma

    Also, I share your sentiments on the butterfly and wasp demise. Up with butterflies and their beauty and down with feathery wasps gliding to our bodies and depositing their stings! Get 'em before they get us! Yes!!

    1. Like I said, that was a repulsive mess, and I'm beginning to seriously doubt Martha's culinary skills. The wasps actually aren't too bad, but that's probably because Justin has been killing every nest in sight. I dislike killing them and would like to find some positive use for their energy, but I have yet to do that. ;)