Thursday, January 12, 2012

day 2 at the holler

It certainly was frosty on our second day back at the holler.

Crunchy grass.

The dinner bell. Yea, we have a freaking dinner bell!

But then the sun creeped over the ridge,
and everything was right with the universe.

We ventured out via automobile on back roads. Top of our ridge as seen from Virginia.

Then we got some lunch at Pal's Sudden Service in Kingsport and ate delicious chili dogs and burgers and peach tea.

Found the nearest package store and stocked up on whiskey.

Our new memory foam mattress and petite sofa had arrived when we returned
(sorry we were late Mr. Delivery Man From Knoxville, whoops).

Our wood stove works well. Like let's-get-to-100-degrees-in-2-hours well.
We actually had to open all the windows and doors in
20-degree weather to cool the cabin down a bit.

I think it was that night that we agreed our two-year time frame for moving out to the holler was just way too long. 2012 sounds much better.

more manana, my peeps...

~ Mitsy

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