Monday, January 30, 2012

flora and other farm prettiness

I was planning to do this series documenting each day during our last trip to the holler, which was back in late November/early December, but it is now almost February, and doing that seems totally retarded to me now. But because I still have more pictures from our trip that I wish to share, I will post some pictures of the local flora instead because I find it all magical and beautiful and shit and am getting some serious spring fever sitting at my desk over here in my windowless office.

So here you go:

Ridgeline view from the barn.

Weathered barn wood + sprinkling of clouds = happy Mitsy.

Jay is not flora, but he sure looks good in it.

I still trip out on being able to see through deciduous trees.

Kinda Sally-Mann-ish composition. She's from Virginia, you know! Or is it West Virginia. I don't remember.

gah, want. to. organize. NOW



This image is out of focus. My bad.

Tomorrow: Clinch River beautifulness.

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