Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Matey the Maytag

arrrrgggh, Matey!

The one house that is in view of our place is abandoned. I know for a fact from perusing the tax assessor's site that it resides on the same parcel as our Closest Neighbor (fingers crossed it either stays that way or we can convince someone to subdivide the parcel and let us buy it). Sitting on this abandoned homestead is Matey, my (hopefully) future Maytag wringer washer. Closest Neighbor informed us that Matey's current owner will likely let her go for a very small price, if not for free.

I find the act of hanging clothes to dry in the sun heavenly, so here's to hoping that the washing part will be just as fun. Not sure how well this will work for me in the winter, though, because I have zero interest in freezing my hands off and actually somewhat enjoy visiting the local laundromat because it gives me a chance to read Koontz novels without feeling too guilty.

I'm thinking that a fresh coat of bright red spray paint on Matey would be killer. With maybe some deep green trim. Then I could call her Tomatey! Tomato+Matey, get it?

If Matey/Tomatey ends up not working and being irreparable, which I doubt highly, I might use her as a planter of some sort. The drainage would be excellent. I could set her next to my future outdoor tub that I plan to bathe in during the summertime and have something lovely to look at.

Like this. Don't be jealous of my mad GIMP skillz now.
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Friends and family think I'm crazy, but they don't understand the simple pleasure of line drying either, so I certainly don't expect them to follow my lead on this one. I bet you I'll have to beat 'em off with a stick, though, from my outdoor tub. Wait, that's probably the dog I'm thinking of.

Toodle for now,

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