Thursday, June 14, 2012

future pig pasture panorama

What can I say, I love panoramas. It makes me happy to pull up a view of The Mountainstead from 2,500 miles away. It calms me. I find zen.

And then my peace is interrupted by the sound of chainsaws and leaf blowers in our 'hood (I actually enjoy the chainsaw sound) or the ménage à trois people across the street having a very loud and very personal spat in the middle of their driveway (usually provides some entertainment) or the neighbor's incredibly irritating drop-kick dog that sounds like it's being murdered by a pack of angry mountain lions (I don't enjoy this sound or find it the least bit entertaining, NO).

I don't know if it's because the dog is pissed that its owner is leaving for the day or what, but pretty much at the same time every morning, this shrill yapping slices through the air, muffling my favorite bird's song, that only intensifies as several moments drag on and then finally crescendos into the most wretched, ear-piercing YI!-YI!-YI!-YI!-YI!-YI!-YI!-YI!-YI!-YI!-YI!-YI!-YI! that you ever done hear. These people are at least three doors down. I want to shoot them in the head something fierce.

Anyway, about those panoramas. I took 360 degree images at four different spots on the property. I already showed you the future main garden. Today's panorama is of the future pig pasture.

You can see our big-ass chestnut tree to the left of the barn, and then Jay thinks those two scraggly trees to the right of the corn crib are something good, too (can't remember what - some sort of nut, I think?), and then pretty much 180 degrees in the other direction are two old apple trees. I'm told that all this is excellent piggie fodder.

Immediately to the right of the chestnut tree is the water tank for the little cabin, which I should be able to tap for the piggies, and then you can just barely make Jay out mowing right in front of the storage shed (this was the time he decided that a t-shirt and sunscreen are very smart choices whilst mowing almost an acre with a gas push mower).

I should get on it with GIMP again and draw me some fat little piggies in there frolicking around, getting all nice and plump for our bacon/ham/bacon/porkchop/bacon reserves, but this will have to do for today.

p.s. house will be listed on the mls this weekend. we get to corral the dogs and transport them elsewhere at a moment's notice and then have strangers check all our shit out. won't that be fun! i love selling a house!

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