Thursday, July 5, 2012


Got us some sweet new wheels today:

She's a slim gal at only around 2,000 lbs (very comfortably below my towing capacity of 6,000).

Komfy will serve as our accommodations on wheels during our move, allowing us to take naps at whim, stop and go for food fixins whenever we feel like it, and sleep on an non-gross bed nightly instead of having to search for motels that take giant breed dogs without fuss but that are probably infested with things I don't wish to think about.

That A/C unit hard cover on top tried to blow away on me when I was taking it back to my work this morning, so that needs replacing, but an online search suggests that they're only a hundred bucks or so.

Pathy looks a little dwarfed by Komfy, no?

In other news, we started packing up the kitchen yesterday, and it now looks like a tornado blew through.

It's funny how this chaos doesn't even
bother me because I'm so excited right now.

Sorry for the shitty phone pictures. My camera is buried somewhere. actually, i was just too lazy to go get it - packing is HARD work

28 days, people! Here's to hoping the zombie apocalypse doesn't happen between now and then.

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