Friday, August 24, 2012


So, I bought this thing on eBay about five or six years ago.

I thought it was just adorable with the cute 50's housewife and the mod fonts and figured that I'd somehow work it into my shelf arrangements as a nod to my mid-century modern decorating obsession at the time.

It sat on my kitchen shelf for many moons and proceeded to collect dust and not really add much to my vintage decor ambitions. For whatever strange reason (I blame it on the chaos of the packing frenzy), I ended up throwing this thing in a moving box instead of the recycle bin because I just couldn't bear to part with my $5 eBay purchase (and the cover art's toothy grin, bad-ass choke collar necklace, and froofy ribbon ties on her polka-dot house dress).

We were supposed to go out for dinner tonight, but things didn't end up working out, so because we were very hungry by the time we realized that dinner out wasn't happening, I decided to actually make use of this silly purchase that I ended up trudging out across the country. I used 1 of my 5 broil-a-foils making a pork loin roast tonight, and this is what I have to show for it.

Jay says I'm weird for taking pictures of our dinner plates even though I think it's very interesting to see what other people like to eat, and I plain forgot to take a picture tonight anyway, but let me assure you that my broil-a-foil worked quite well (it's kinda hard to fuck up pork loin), and the mashed potatoes and red onion/cabbage/bacon sauteed side dish I made were all quite delicious. So score one for trendy, consumer-ish inventions from the 1950s! I do plan on using the remaining four broil-a-foils in the future and won't feel at all bad about using up a consumer product that didn't make it as shelf decor in my previous mod-1960's retro kitchen.


  1. That a neat old product that I should have seen growing up but I don't ever remember seeing or hearing about them. They may not have marketed them in the mountains of Virginia, probably didn't think we had ovens.

    1. LOL! Yea, I really don't know where this was marketed, and honestly, not sure why I ever bought it in the first place, but it did end up working!