Wednesday, August 22, 2012

14 years

In chronological order since last evening:

Bees and butterflies love this. Help me identify it?

I spent 3+ hours at the laundromat yesterday and didn't quite have the patience to
get everything dry. Nekkie loved scaling the drying racks with our nice, clean laundry on them.

I'm a salt freak, but not so much on my animal muscle. You can see
the difference between my and Jay's seasoning tastes.
(Mine is Montreal and his is Tony Chachere's!)

Such a snob. I can't do bottled dressing/dip/yummy-plate-goodness anymore. Email me for my super secret recipe.

Should've dressed the salad and buttered the bread before I took this, but whatever. I plan to
do a full blog post on why this is the most non-local meal ever. (And how I plan to remedy that.)

Mama turkey hen and three scraggly teenagers across the yard this morning!

Phil's Dream Pit in Kingsport, TN. Go there.

Appalachian Fair 2012!

First Place award in Tobacco.

Watch out. Not that we could find any alcoholic beverages anyway.
Kind of a Negative Nancy on the Appalachian Fair.

Want. That stove in the background there,

Natty Light coil in a rat rod.

PBR radiator overflow in the same ratty rod.

Headed home.

Clyde Dog blessed us with a perfect 14th wedding anniversary by not jumping out any windows or
destroying the house. So we rewarded him with some well-deserved down time in the back of the Taco.

This butterfly wasn't doing so well. I think Clyde Dog might've stepped on it. :(

Test shot for our anniversary portrait. (Note all the clutter on the porch
before the next one. Can't decide if I prefer clutter-y or not.)

LOVE this guy.


  1. Happy anniversary!

  2. That top shot is Virgin's Bower, a kind of wild clematis. Our bees love it too.

    Great photos! Almost make me want to go to the fair this year. Since Mark heard they make all the kids run around trying to catch greased pigs (which the winner gets to take home), he wants to go too. :-)

    1. Cool, I found it in our wildflower book! We got to the fair before it opened yesterday and only wandered around for a couple hours, so they really didn't have any shows going on, but boy, that would be awesome to see the pig thing! Let me know if you end up going and seeing anything interesting there. Justin said that it will probably be our first and last time. ;) We had fun, but probably not worth a second trip, lol.