Monday, February 18, 2013

burning the cursed multiflora rose

Multiflora rose is abundant in all of our pastures. It is invasive and downright mean with its prickly thorns, although it is quite pretty when blooming. We need to remove a lot of it in order to put up our pig fencing -- the two little buggers we're getting will be ready at the beginning of March.

Jay did most of the work, especially the burning part because he is an excellent and efficient pyro. Look  at that tidy little pile of ashes that resulted from such a heaping mound of shrubbery! (I don't know anything about using biochar in the garden, but this recent chore has sparked my interest, so I scooped up the ashes and am saving them for later.)

Meanwhile, I started stapling some wire mesh onto the outside of the corn crib to shore up the gaping holes in the old wire for the future chicken coop (note: based on the way it's nailed between the frame and outer boards, I'm pretty sure it's the original wire from when the corn crib was built, which is kinda neat). That place is going to be Fort Knox for chickens when I'm done with it. No more losing birds to predators like back in Cali (waking up at 4:30am to a poor hen being ravaged by a raccoon outside your bedroom door and then having to decapitate her to put her out of her misery while still in your bathrobe before going to work is not all shits and giggles, people).


  1. Didn't the chickens have a Fort Knox in Cali?

    1. Did I claim that? Well, live and learn, lol.