Sunday, February 3, 2013

cold and snow and probably not watching the super bowl

What do I occupy my time with when it's too cold to do anything outside and I'm feeling restless? I rearrange the house, of course.

Our house has two bedrooms and very, very little precious closet space. We originally slept in the larger of the two bedrooms, but it has an awkward, narrow layout, so I took it upon myself to switch everything around yesterday (you can imagine how thrilled Jay was to hear this while he was out and about all day), and although it's still not perfect (because our clothes are still hanging in the closet in what is now the "office"), I'm much happier with this arrangement.

This worked for a while.

This did, too.

But this is much better.

As is this (need to swap out the curtains, though).

Boring to anyone else but me, I know, but I like to keep track of my furniture arrangements.

Next, I packaged up some vintage t-shirts from when I was a kid to send off to my God-daughter, who will definitely be the coolest kid on the block wearing these awesome threads.

Tavern 190 was my late Uncle Bill's bar and is, by far, the raddest of the bunch. Time 2000 was the first ever electronic pinball machine and had beautiful artwork (I have the original arcade backglass, too) -- my Pops was a mechanical engineer at Atari for many years. The yellow t-shirt is from the game Breakout, and the Mulege t-shirt is from one of many trips to Baja when I was a kid.

Also, my soil blocks are holding together remarkably well. Only 8 of my 22 artichoke seeds have sprouted, so I may not have as many as I thought, but I'd be happy with even a 50% germination rate. I spotted some damping off disease on my onions, so I lightly misted a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution on the blocks, and that seems to have resolved it from what I can see. Strangely, one flat of onions is almost entirely sprouted while the other hasn't done anything at all -- each flat has two different varieties in it. Weird.

I don't really care about the super bowl this year, but it would be nice to be able to listen to the game since we don't have cable. I couldn't find a local radio station that is broadcasting it so maybe we can watch it streaming online. Regardless, I would like to wish my fellow SCHS Class of 1994 alumnus and Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo good luck at the game today! Unlike other classmates torn between rooting for their shitty 49ers or Brendon, I can say that I am 100% rooting for the Ravens!

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