Tuesday, January 29, 2013

chicken-fried venison backstraps and other earthly delights

Jay made chicken-fried venison backstraps the other night. I cannot even begin to explain how delicious this meal was. It was difficult even capturing a picture because it got devoured so quickly.

There was clear jealousy from the puppy dogs. (Tally is around there somewhere -- just didn't make it into any pictures.)

Then, today, I followed this lady's recipe for winter sowing annual flowers. It was almost 70 degrees out today, y'all. I needed me some flower sowing. I sat/worked in the sun ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY.

We finally figured out today that the best way to let the puppies run around and burn off energy (because we don't have any fencing) is one at a time. Otherwise, they take off into the hills and do not heed any call to obey. I will begin obedience training very soon with these two because they are little hellions when they are out running around together. But they are angels when they are on their own and/or with Clyde Dog.

Then I built a bean trellis out of a dead, decorative tree that I cut down last fall, and Jay cleared some of our ATV trails with the chainsaw (hereon referred to as Husky) and Polly. I can't express how much I love the sound of chainsaws off in the distance. It must be a mountain girl thing.

I am experimenting with floating row cover and welded wire supports in preparation for spring garden beds. Jay said that this looked like a worm of sorts.

Sometimes fat, little puppies have a hard time making up it up steep hills.

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