Tuesday, January 8, 2013

kale, micro-lettuce, and one itty bitty carrot

While my harvest is not much by any stretch of the imagination, and thanks to some encouragement from a local friend, I feel mildly successful with my winter garden so far. Especially taking into account that I really didn't amend my soil as well as I should have before planting and went off the deep end with crazy green garden lights and welded wire fencing supports for visqueen row cover instead of opting for a simple spun fabric floating row cover (which I've since switched over to).

The carrot. Well, I just couldn't resist pulling one up this afternoon to see if anything was actually forming beneath the soil surface. I promptly rinsed it off, and behold, there was extra sweet carrot-y goodness in there, so I'm super excited about harvesting the rest of them. That probably won't be until sometime in March or April because despite the lovely colors above, things are still growing very slowly.

Also, the holler has been a bit hectic lately, what with our recent out-of-town guests, workload from my boss-man back in Cali, friends visiting on Saturday, vet appointments for Clyde Dog and the puppies (the latter of which barfed all over the back seat of my car to and fro), planting the new cold frame, and a multitude of other activities that I'm not remembering at the moment.

But we have fresh winter greens (and maturing carrots), so that is a wonderful thing!

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