Friday, April 27, 2012

the grass was a bit grownup

As we anticipated, our lovely lawn was somewhat of a wild tangle when we were able to take a good look at it after the sun came up the day after we arrived. Jay diligently assembled my reel mower that was waiting for us on the front porch courtesy of UPS and fine tuned the blades for me, but after a few valiant pushes and the tall grass gracefully bending over and popping right back up again, we headed for the nearest Devil-Mart and forked over the cash for their best gas self-propelled push mower.

Sorry, buddy, but you're confined to the shed for the time being.

I should mention that the reel mower did do a fine job on the narrow strip of grass on the side of the house that was blocked by drainage pipe that Jay didn't bother moving out of the way since he had about a zillion other square feet to mow. I used my reel mower there. I'm ashamed to say I became slightly out of breath. It was maybe three hundred square feet total. Yes, you can laugh.

In the meantime, we have secured the mowing services of our neighbor's brother to keep that wiley grass in check until we get out there permanently.

I WILL use that push mower once we get the garden established to keep the paths manicured.

Jay learned the hard way to wear a t-shirt and sunscreen whilst mowing almost an acre of lawn
with a push mower. Blisters surfaced. Solarcaine was purchased.

That second picture is a bit misleading. The weather decided to become an asshole for the majority of our visit. Apparently we brought shitty Cali weather with us, and it's all nice and warm at the holler again now that we've left. I decided to be positive about it and enjoy the coolness because I know that even though I enjoy hot weather, I will probably melt during our first few summers until my body acclimates to the southern heat and humidity.

Next up, being incommunicado kinda blows (but we'll figure something out)! 

~ Mitsy


  1. Thanks for sharing your observations with the reel mower.
    Did you consider a Scythe?

    1. Considering my general clumsiness and propensity to injure myself, I think a scythe would be a dangerous tool for me to wield. But I'm always down for trying something new!

  2. Would you advise for or against the purchase of a reel mower if cutting grass that is approximately 3-4" tall? I noticed your grass was a little higher than typical and totally understandable given your situation. I am sure the reel mowers are great for maintaining a lawn that is cut often. I have been debating whether or not I should purchase one but was unsure how they might work and/or if they would be a waste of money.

    In ref to the humidity here in NC, yeah it is bad at times but there will be plenty of beautiful days in which you will just be at awe. It's always really tough during July/August here across most of the state.

    You guys are in the western part of the state as opposed to me in the eastern
    part therefore you ought to be enjoying much cooler, relaxing weather soon.

    As far as becoming acclimatized to the intense humidity at times, I am not sure that some are ever able to do so. I surely know that after 35 years its just as bad for me today as it always has been. But I still love North Carolina, just wait until'll crave time spent here.

    1. The mower we bought is adjustable up to 4", so that should be fine! It was also the most expensive model, so you may wish to try one out that is a little more wallet-friendly.

      We are actually in NE TN, not WNC, although I think the humidity/heat woes are pretty similar. We looked at land in WNC, but it was a lot more expensive, and we really wanted to get as much bang for our buck as possible. However, I'm dying to see Asheville and can't wait to take a day trip there!