Thursday, March 29, 2012

deer antlers and spiders

Folks, my time is short today, but I wanted to leave you with just a few reminders of the holler:

Not that I can talk, but methinks someone had low expectations.

You just stay on that holly bush there, buddy. Far, far away from my slumbering melon.

I'm not really afraid of spiders, and I recognize their valiant contribution to keeping the bug population in check, but I definitely steer clear of the big ones. I make Jay get the thick-legged ones that get stuck in the bathtub, and even he is sometimes a bit creeped out.

Speaking of creepy crawlies, I awoke at some God-awful hour of the morning recently to what I'm pretty sure was a spider dropping from the ceiling onto my cheek. It was a relatively heavy thunk, so I think it was big.


Carry on.

~ Mitsy


  1. Is that second photo a holly? The fruit looks like a mulberry, but not the leaves. Odd....

    1. You know, I just assumed it was a holly because of the leaf shape, but you're correct, the berries aren't right. I don't have a better picture of it either. Funny story: there's a pole right next to it with a height marker to measure how much it grows (I assume). We were told that someone is buried somewhere on our property, so when my folks visited for the first time, my Dad commented that that must be where the body is buried since it seems to be growing so fast!

  2. OOOOH Shudder!! I HATE spiders.. little ones on up to the camel spiders my husband always leaves up as his background on his PC.. just to hear me scream from the other room, men are so mean...
    I love to garden and have accepted that I will have to share my outdoor space with insects of all sizes. However, they cross my threshold I am gonna go terminator on their asses!!
    Good luck on your berry vines, whatever they may be, cant wait to have some of my own.

    1. Heh, yea, as long as they're not ON me, I don't get too creeped out. :)