Wednesday, March 14, 2012

let me shoot your offspring


So, a light bulb went off in my head the other day. This doesn't happen often.

I do have to give my Pops some credit, though, because it was sorta his idea. He was telling me how their neighbor takes baby/kid portraits and has discovered that people want pictures of their kids taken every year. Being child-free myself and not planning on ever popping out any rug rats, this thought probably never would have occurred to me. Pictures every year = repeat business = $$$.

An easily transferable source of income after we move? would be nice
Easy to please the customer because what parent doesn't like a picture of their adorable rug rat? bonus
Something I've already dabbled in at the request of family and friends and felt mildly successful with? fer sure
Not stressful like shooting weddings? OH PLEASE YES

Good grief, I took some really amazing pictures of my goddaughter this past weekend, and the idea of making money doing this so we can live out our homestead fantasy is, well, quite brilliant on my part (thanks, Dad).

Let me prove it to you:

Redwood trees add catch lights to the eyes. I wish I could say I planned that.

Sassy to the hilt.

It should be illegal for babies to be this cute.

Lyle Tuttle was clearly planning her ultimate revenge on LJC.
no, not really, she actually was rolling around in the grass the whole time

Is it wrong to be jealous of a baby's pea coat? and headband

The chub is finally making its way to her limbs. Squishy chubster.

Yea, having a perfect model baby is probably the reason why these turned out good, but I gotta give myself some credit.

The birth rate in Hancock County is actually lower than that here in Santa Cruz, and the poverty rate there is quite high, so this will not likely pay all the bills, but I'm still hoping to convince the locals to let me document their children in exchange for some greenbacks. And I might be willing to trade for perhaps some livestock, backhoe work (read: pond, root cellar, etc), or possibly manure (it would have to be lots. and be aged. and get delivered). Because that's how we roll out in the sticks, folks.

~ Mitsy


  1. Your pictures are pretty awesome - what kind of camera do you use?

    1. Thank you! These were taken with a Nikon D300.

  2. Why not start earlier in the baby supply chain?

    Guns N Noce's shotgun wedding photography, est 2012

    From your cousin Dave L

    1. Ha! That is an awesome idea, cuz. You threw me off with your other comment because I always think of you as David, not Dave, and I have a cousin on Mom's side that I know as Dave. Funny. Now I know. :)

      I did a shotgun wedding a very long time ago, but it was quite awful and I hadn't developed any style yet. Maybe time to revisit.

  3. Hancock County people will not think your pictures are worth what people in CA willing to pay. Country people might be interested in picture of their animals. You could record the progress of projects. Think what you could document for the future. It is exciting to think of it.

    1. Yea, I haven't gotten a lot of response to photography services out here. Most pursestrings are pretty tight, so I understand why.