Tuesday, March 27, 2012

storage baskets (aka, parents who buy this for their child should be sterilized)

So, I was searching online the other day for storage baskets. Specifically, baskets or boxes or bins or containers or whatever that would fit nicely under the platform bed frame. You remember it.

You should see the two closets in the cabin. They're only maybe four feet wide each, and half of one is taken up with the furnace - there is absolutely no chance of fitting both my and Jay's clothes in this storage space. Zero. Now, I do plan on drastically thinning out my wardrobe and have actually been actively doing so for the past few months or so. If I haven't worn it in the last six months and it doesn't have sentimental value or isn't incredibly expensive, to the thrift store pile it goes! for the most part

I do have some expensive attire, some of which is second-hand and some I actually spent good money on. don't let me back into the Chanel store in Waikiki Beach. However, I hesitate to sell any of the spendy stuff now because we might end up never finding real jobs and possibly have to resort to selling my top-drawer shit to buy top ramen. That being said, we do need some place to put this stuff, and because the platform bed frame is an awesome 14" tall, I want to get some vessels to contain said spendy shit and hopefully not ever have to pawn it off on ebay or etsy or wherever. And besides, I do actually wear these things occasionally.

Anyway, I was looking at the usual suspects, like IKEA, Amazon, and Overstock and couldn't really find anything that I liked. I'd rather not have those ugly transparent plastic boxes. Looking at Target, I found more along the lines of what I'm envisioning as our underbed storage mecca by searching for "storage basket". And these were the results:

Whoa, back it up. Considering that this is on the Target website, I can only assume that it is actually for real. In my opinion, no parent has any business buying their child a quadruplet baby doll stroller. That is fucked up. Like, how much more pressure can a parent put on their child than to saddle them with a stroller pushing around four baby dolls? Talk about overzealous expectations. I'm so glad I don't have kids because if I had to deal with seeing this kind of horseshit all the time, I would seriously go live in a cave.

I realize that I'm an anomaly, but I can't imagine what little girl aspires to have quadruplets at that age unless her parents are feeding her some messed up shit. I was searching for baskets, and a quadruplet baby doll stroller shows up in the results. The irony.

Back to the baskets. The space under the bed is divided into four quadrants by the support posts, each of which is approximately 32" wide x 14" high x 30" deep. This is the longest and largest basket that I could find that will still fit.

Oh, how I hate you, Wal-Mart. I keep telling Jay that I refuse to shop there once we move because of their business practices, China-made crap, blah blah blah, but dang it, they have just the basket I need. I could fit eight of these under the bed, which would provide quite a bit of storage space but is a little spendy at almost 150 bucks. That's still cheaper than an particle board armoire or another garbage IKEA dresser, though, so I'll have to think about it.

Do you shop at Wal-Mart? Do you try not to but then keep sneaking back? Tell me I'm not alone.

~ Mitsy


  1. Oh for heaven's sake, just enjoy the shopping at Walmart! The folks that work there seem to think it is a fine place to be. China made stuff may be junk in many cases, but there are plenty of product at WM that is of a decent quality and WM provides a lot of jobs to people that need jobs.

    1. So, you are right there noting my comment, eh! I never shopped at Walmart before we moved here to the gulf coast. Now it is convenient and I like it, especially the garden section. My comment required I provide a profile, but the the only option I saw was anonymous. I guess I wasn't so anonymous after all! What's up for the weekend!

    2. I'm glad you like it! Different strokes for different folks. It's ok to use the anonymous option because I will always know it's you. :)

    3. Oh, oh, I can run but I can't hide! (: