Tuesday, March 13, 2012

goat milk

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Being the adventurous person that he is, Jay bought a quart of goat milk on a whim the other day. He wanted to try it out to see if it's worth keeping female goats. He didn't think it was that bad (he'd drink half-and-half by the gallon if he could), but I thought it was truly disgusting. It tasted like liquified goat cheese - strangely enough, I love goat cheese and Jay won't even try it (not much cheese makes the cut in his book), so go figure. I actually did use some of this wretched stuff in a batch of boxed mac 'n cheese I was making because I can see the merit of using it in savory dishes, but in my coffee? No thanks. Goat-cheese flavored coffee doesn't do it for me. I realize that some goat milk tastes more strongly than others and that what the goat eats, whether there are males around, etc, affects the flavor, but I would much rather milk a Highland cow and have normal tasting animal milk. Just one more reason goats are meant for other people to enjoy. BARF.

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  1. Meyenberg goat milk - that is the one I like. It has real taste!