Monday, April 29, 2013

blueberries, marigolds, kale and chickens

I've been wavering between carefully selecting and buying blueberry plants online from a reputable grower that are specifically suited to what I want in terms of flavor, size and disease-resistance or just going to my nearest big box store and picking from their limited selection. It just so happens I was near a Lowe's today, so I just buckled down and got three plants: Bluecrop, Blueray and Brigitta, all northern highbush varieties. I figure that 33 bucks for all three isn't that much of an investment if one or all bite the dust.

I transplanted some six-pack marigolds the other week into the future tomato and pepper beds. Surprisingly, the ones in the pepper bed that I mulched with leaves quickly succumbed to a mild frost whereas the non-mulched ones are raggedy looking but will probably recover. Weird, right? Maybe the mulched ones created little extra-cold leaf frost pockets or something.

The volunteer kale that germinated after I tore up the fall garden and then transplanted into a spring garden bed all willy-nilly is going bonkers and looks ready to be eaten soon. Also, the chickens discovered the compost bin (and sat eerily still for a picture), which is awesome news because they can do the dirty work of turning the compost for me.

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