Saturday, March 2, 2013

600+ 2013 Hondas

So, on Tuesday and Wednesday, I did my USPS orientation. I've never spent a more boring 16 hours of my life. Even the instructor told us we could sleep during the many videos that were shown. I start next Saturday at our little 30-post-office-box location in Blackwater. I'm really looking forward to meeting some of the locals through the position of Postmaster Relief (sounds fancier than it really is).

Then, I did a photo shoot at a monstrous Honda dealership in Chattanooga on Friday. While this was pretty fun and much more amusing (and paid a lot more) than the USPS orientation, the material itself isn't exactly exciting because it's just of the exterior and interior of the dealership as well as all the 2013 model lineup.

Still, the funds from this are now my spending money for my trip tomorrow with my Ali Cat to Texas to visit my parents and then our road trip together back to Tennessee.

Hooray for adventure!

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