Friday, March 22, 2013

on potatoes and travel mugs

After that onslaught of pictures the other day, I thought I'd tone it down a little today.

Got my potatoes in from I'm supposed to let them sit in a warm-ish, medium-lighted room for up to two weeks to encourage stubby buds to form from the eyes before planting. Potatoes are extremely important to us, what with all the various forms of potatoes I like to make.

It was way to nipply out today to do any garden chores, so I busied myself finishing up this contraption that I sewed for holding travel mugs and other various plastic vessels that I dislike seeing (and just don't have room for) in my upper cabinet. Don't ask me for a pattern because I pretty much just winged it, but it's based on one of those over-the-door shoe storage thingies. Nifty, no?

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