Sunday, March 10, 2013

warm holler shootin'

Did you know that 72 degrees is perfect target shooting weather? So we decided to take advantage of that (made-up) fact today and inaugurate Ali into the world of firearms.

She (and I) fired our Winchester Model 61 .22 rifle and Colt .22 single-action only revolver.

p.s. Ali is the best stylist on the planet and finally cut the shaggy mop that's been sitting on top of my head for the past eight months (and Jay's, too, but those pictures are for another today because hooo hooo! those are FUNNY). Too bad I can't afford to fly her out from California every six months for a haircut.

[ all pictures courtesy of Ali's iPhone; hence, her email watermark ]

Then we went for a stroll around the property so Clyde could smell the recently sprouted daffodils.

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