Thursday, March 28, 2013

stinky chicks and pinterest tricks

Anyone that's ever been on Pinterest before knows how easy it can be to get sucked into a million fucking projects without even realizing it. OOOOOooooo, I'm going to pin this and do it [insert vague timeframe here]! A benefit of being unemployed is that you actually have time to carry out some of the time-sucking-yet-must-do things you find on that wretched site.

Like organizing your vegetable garden seeds chronologically and fastening them all to ribbons on your door so that you can be reminded on a daily basis of how much work there actually is yet to do in the garden. At least it kinda doubles as door art, no?

I didn't actually see the wrap-fabric-around-coffee-cans-and-use-them-as-hanging-planters thing on pinterest. I just kinda thought it up myself. Hey, maybe I should pin it on pinterest so that others can copy my idea! There we go.

The chicks are stinking up the house, which we knew would happen but doesn't make it any less stinky. In times past, I've left them indoors for six weeks as recommended by all the chick care instructions I've ever received, but I've heard from others that they have successfully moved them outdoors much sooner than that. So I cobbled together a little outdoor brooder that will hopefully keep everyone toasty enough but also enable them to get some fresh air... and for us to air our house out.

This will hopefully be the last night that temps dip down below freezing, so I think they'll be fine outside after then until we move them permanently up to the corn crib, aka the chicken coop. (I put six chicks out there today just so they can test the waters but will bring them back inside tonight... hopefully for the last time.)

Also, Jay got me a little gift the other day. He knew I wanted to ride a bike to the post office when I work on Saturdays. He also knows how much I love having a bike bell. A bike is just not the same without a bell. Cling cling!

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  1. I feel your pain (and smell the stench). I too have stinky chickens in my sunroom. We had them in 3 separate boxes. One box had 4 of the oldest chicks (plymouth barred rock), 6 younger (speckled sussex)in the 2nd box and 2 more (barred rocks) in our "hospital" box. We thought we were going to lose the 2 in the hospital box, but they're on the mend. I moved the 4 biggest barred rocks out to our chick area 2 days ago. That box seemed to be giving off the most stench. They're doing great with just the brooder light in their house. I worked very hard to keep all 3 boxes cleaned out daily, but chickens are poop and dust factories! Unless we have a drastic change in the weather I'm going to have to hold off a little longer on the rest so I'm stuck with stink a little longer. I'm in the NC piedmont area and generally it's warmer this time of year so we don't have to resort to living with chickens.

    I've enjoyed reading about your adventures. You guys seem to be moving right along with things. Good luck with your homesteading.