Sunday, December 23, 2012

mini bark nuggets save the day

Puppy Quentin was getting a little muddy, what with all the moisture lately and little puppy feet tearing everything up to smithereens, so I picked up ten 3 cubic foot bags of mini bark nuggets at a local gardening shop in Weber City, VA the other day to soak up some of the sogginess and give the puppies a nice, dry spot in which to wreck havoc (and poop -- because they do that a lot).

I initially planned to get a cubic yard of bulk bark mulch from a place in Kingsport, but they decided to be closed on Saturday due to the holidays. I ended up having two bags leftover from the puppy run, so I figured they would be put to good use soaking up some of the muddiness at the front of our porch steps. It ended up being only about ten bucks cheaper for the bagged stuff, and I decided to repurpose the plastic bags as a weed supressor instead of throwing them away.

Forty bucks for easy poop scooping and dry boots. Bark mulch is one of those things that could probably be substituted with something cheaper, but it's worth every penny in my book. I love it to pieces.

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