Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the recycling collection is looking a little scary

Once we stopped letting a third party take care of our recycling, it became a little shocking to see how much piles up over the course of four months.

Hancock County does have recycling services at the local transfer station, but when you take your trash and recycling there, the very kind attendant usually helps unload your bags and just throws everything in the crusher, including your recycling, if you're not careful.

So when we got out here, I decided to instead keep virtually all recyclable materials in an effort to reuse them creatively in the garden and landscape.

I'm not quite sure what will become of the the many, many Crown Royal and other miscellaneous liquor bottles, but the cans and bottles will likely become some sort of garden path edging.

L to R: plastics and styrofoam (in box), wine bottles (in box),
cans (in box), bottle-mania (on plastic shelving), and then can-topia in front.

In conclusion, I feel like a total lush and am not sure what's keeping our teeth from rotting out of our heads with all the soda we drink. But we sure will have some awesome garden paths someday even if we're toothless hillbillies!

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