Tuesday, December 4, 2012

unintentional permaculture at Target

I love Target, I will not lie.

I protest Wal-Mart (which I haven't stopped shopping at yet), but in all honesty, Target is not a whole lot different because mostly all their shit is made in China just like Wal-Mart. It just looks better. and they have better pillows

It's funny because I have purchased reusable grocery bags from Wal-Mart, and then when I go to shop anywhere else, including conglomerate Target and locally owned Food City, they make fun of my Wal-Mart bags, EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE REUSABLE. Who cares what shitty company they came from? Isn't the point that you're not using non-biodegradable plastic bags??

Anyway, I have something important to say: In addition to offering a fantastic selection of stuff that I probably really don't need but end up buying anyway, Target unknowingly provides me with permaculture supplies.

Case in point:

I got two wire shelving units there the other day and ended up getting some permaculture supplies as a bonus because the company is kind enough to only half-wrap their furniture packaging with a stick-on label instead of a glossy full-wrap label that would take me hours to remove and drive me bat-shit crazy.

In short, I can easily peel off the labels on the above packaging and have fully reusable cardboard for kill mulching (in addition to possibly other projects that I haven't thought of because cardboard is a permaculture wonder material and needs to be given MAD PROPS).

So, my point is, if you need organizational shelving, I give a shout out to Target because someone in their packaging design department seems to be thinking beyond just getting Chinese products to you in the cheapest and least likely environmentally friendly way possible.

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