Sunday, December 2, 2012

sighting in

It was a perfect day yesterday, sunny and warm, to sight in some rifles for the next deer that decides it's time to fill our freezer with tasty meat.

It really wasn't necessary because both rifles that Jay and BiL (my bro-in-law) sighted in were already on the mark.  I've been corrected: The 30-30 was right on the mark, but the 30-06 needed some fine-tuning.

Also, I got some good cuddle time in with Miss Bonnie after Jay and BiL were kind enough to bring down my sofa that had lived up in the little cabin up until now -- the sofa we had in our bigger cabin was smaller and not of good nap-taking length (nor did it fit both Clyde and me), but I figured we'd wait until BiL got here so that the mens could do all the heavy lifting and swap them out.

I love this sofa more than a normal person really should. See that drool spot there on the middle cushion? In addition to being incredibly comfortable, the nubby fabric is perfect for making doggy drool stains disappear.

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