Saturday, November 3, 2012

mother nature threw us a curveball last night

Our low last night was predicted at around 40 degrees. It got down to 27 degrees. My little garden doesn't seem too fazed by Mother's onslaught, since I didn't think I needed to turn on my green crazy lights and all, but I'm waiting to see if foliage turns black and we're doomed to consume no fresh greens nor veggies this winter.

But all sorts of other good things happened. It was an incredibly beautiful day, I finished the laundry and we have a wonderfully freshy bed to crawl into tonight (yea, I cheated and went to the laundromat), we have plentiful deer in and around our woods, the cat came back (Nekkie decided that he wanted to spend the night in last night's freezing temps, and I was a bit worried about him -- then I realized that he's definitely thickened up a bit and is fine outside, although I always prefer a warm, cuddly kitty cat at my feet at night), and we grubbed on some real good dinner. My locally-grown green beans had bit the dust in the fridge, so this was a vegetable-less meal, which I dislike, but the homemade chicken-fried steak and mac-(ok, penne)-n-cheese was totally worth it.

Defrost this morning before heading out to do laundry.

Hunter friends and their take-home.

I like to reuse styrofoam containers for mixing shit up. Then I plant things in it. Weird, I know.

My poor little late-seeded kale. I will eat you someday!

See the girth? Nekkie has accumulated some cold-weather mass. But he's still a killing machine.

I could have eaten the mac-(penne)-n-cheese before it was even baked.

I've never had chicken-fried steak before but I'm pretty much totally sold on this.

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