Monday, November 5, 2012

sitting in a hunting blind facilitates good reading and napping

People keep asking me if I'm going to do any hunting. Why would I want to do that when I can read a good book and take a nap in the hunting blind while Jay does all the hard work?

See, Jay invited me to accompany him in the hunting blind a while back. He has it situated about halfway up our mountain. He said I didn't have to do anything except be quiet, which lends itself the perfect opportunity to read and take a nap.

I had a lot of fun since I'll take any excuse to read and take naps. Surprisingly, after all that reading and napping, and once we got back to the house after being up there for a few hours, I was tired. I'm told this is because staying very quiet can actually be quite draining.

I'm also told that I was relatively quiet but that I'm not getting invited back because I wasn't quiet enough. This might be due in part because I had my folding chair, my book, my camera, my water, my sunglasses (a big no-no while hunting because the glare can scare the deer), and I hadn't taken a shower that day so I probably stank and was scaring away all deer within a one-mile radius.

I still had fun, though!

I should like to build a tiny house up here some day.

The shutter release on my little Canon G9 barely makes a sound, I swear.

Taking pictures through screen gives them an awesome soft focus effect.
In case you didn't know.

Can you feel the stillness that Jay exudes? He's much better at this than me.

Happy little hunting blind.

And now for something completely different. A little saddleback caterpillar
on my clothesline. He actually traversed the entire clothesline only to come across
this clothespin stumbling block, which he very adeptly maneuvered over.
Cool little dude.

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