Sunday, November 4, 2012

my liriopes needed their hair brushed

I raked leaves again today and filled my leaf composter to the brim. Let me be clear that this is the lazy man's leaf composter.

I'm not running the leaves over with the mower.

I'm not using any device to shred the leaves.

I'm simply piling them up in a welded wire vessel, and I'm going to let them do their thing until they look like something usable in the garden. I might end up with 20 of these vessels marking a border around the backyard -- I think that would actually make a rather cool garden border/fence. Because we have a plethora of leaves, and I'll be perfectly happy if I have leaf mulch to use by next fall.

However, I could not quite fit all the leaf rakings into my leaf composter.

Also, because I do not have a landscaping budget, I need to make the plants that already serve as our landscaping of sorts go the extra mile, so I decided to weed and mulch my three liriope plants (that's what I've been told they're called at least). I also brushed their hair with my rake -- for neatness' sake. I thought I might be able to gather seeds from them and propagate some new plants, but they seem to be far past that stage in life, and I really have no idea what their seeds look like anyway.

So being the frugal mountainsteader that I am, I used the extra leaves that would not fit in my leaf composter and mulched the liriope plants. I have no idea if they even need weeding and/or mulching, but I figured it was a good use of available resources. It also warmed my bones on a cool fall day. Score one for neatness and warming ability!

We had leftover pulled pork sandwiches for lunch, and I'm pretty convinced that it is actually better reheated after being frozen. Go figure. Also, making fresh Sexy Meat Sauce in some new squirt bottles that I found at the Evil Big W (no, I haven't stopped shopping there yet) helped a lot (Sexy Meat Sauce is apple cider vinegar, worcestershire sauce, sugar, garlic salt, mustard powder, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, and, of course, Dave's Insanity Sauce, in case you were wondering).

Never, ever skip the Sexy Meat Sauce.

Welded Wire Tube O' Leaves. You see what I'm saying about having a fence of these around the yard.

After weeding but before mulching.

After mulching. Rad how I unknowingly aligned these two shots ALMOST PERFECTLY, RIGHT??

If you ever the get the chance to purchase a long, winding driveway
through a canopy of trees, I really think you should do it.
This driveway makes me happy every time we drive through it.

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