Wednesday, November 28, 2012

...the deer came back the very next day (sung to the tune of "The Cat Came Back")

We figured that dropping off the remaining deer carcass (ribcage, head, and legs) waaaay up the mountain and letting the coyotes and crows (and possibly Jay's friend, the bobcat) have at it would be fine. Those amazing creatures took care of the guts entirely (as in, not one shred left) that we left up at the top of the mountain where the buck was killed.

But that was a little too tempting for a certain little dog, who decided to drag the ribcage down yesterday and the head down today to the yard. No doubt she will bring us the legs tomorrow.

That's why this post is not accompanied by any pictures because I'm pretty sure you don't want to see a gnawed-on ribcage, dried up eyeballs popping out of a worked-over deer head, and other rotting bits floating about the yard.

We were kinda wondering why she hasn't been eating much recently.

This is not entirely her fault because she is, after all, a dog, but I would like to figure out how to bring the animal pieces that we don't choose to eat ourselves back into the ecosystem (and not instead taken to the dump) without getting totally grossed out. Clyde Dog looked about as disgusted as we were with her prizes, but that might be because he seemed to be a little disturbed by the entire butchering process to begin with.

Looks like more hiking is in order with the next kill.

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