Sunday, November 25, 2012

take a wild guess as to what we ate tonight

If you guessed venison, you would be one smart cookie.

Sauteed in olive oil, butter, and garlic by Jay, the backstrap medallions we cut up after freezing them overnight were pretty amazing. I'm still at a loss as to what the adjective "gamey" means because this tasted not much different from beef.

These tasted like rich beef, and we've deduced that gaminess might usually be a result of improper or delinquent processing. Like I said, I just don't know what gamey really is because the squirrel we processed previously tasted like chicken and this buck tasted mostly like beef -- it's not beef so it couldn't taste exactly like it, but it just wasn't much different.

Some people say that hate venison, but I don't see how you could hate this if you have any affinity for beef.

We read up that the easiest way to curb the tougher nature of venison is to turn to the crock pot. So while these medallions were delicious in a fry pan, it will be fun to experiment with other cooking methods for our home-harvested meat.

I'll conclude by saying that it felt absolutely wonderful to eat meat from our very own woods.

Sorry, no after shot because this got devoured immediately and there was no time for camera work.
I did prepare a simple, fresh salad in case you're wondering if we ate anything but meat tonight.

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  1. I'd call lamb and liver "gamey." And I've had venison loin that tasted almost as strong as beef liver (I like liver, but the flavor was a bit much for a steak), so it's not a subtle taste that you might miss.

    There's a theory about the flavor of meat being negatively affected by the release of hormones as the frightened animal passes. (Head shots = milder meat??) I've also heard theories about the season and diet of deer having some effect on flavor. Anyway, I'm already envying your culinary adventures...