Tuesday, November 6, 2012

totally unrelated to an election of any sort

Because I think it's retarded and archaic that we still use an electoral college, making my vote essentially pointless. But I do it anyway because I'm lucky to live in a country where I can vote.

Happy pictures instead!

This 'Trusty Rusty' coleus is long dead, but I took some cuttings a while back that are happily growing in a south-facing window. This is the poor (wo)man's method of landscaping.

This awesome, old house is not as crooked as it looks. But it was still pretty rickety.

View from the Bean Station Overlook (at least that's what we call it).

Question Mark butterfly (Polygonia interrogationis -- fyi, that took me forever to spell).

Mitsy's Crazy Cubes (top to bottom): lime juice, lemon juice, parsley in water,
scallions in water, garlic (I think), and milk in the last four
(fyi, frozen milk really doesn't work very well).
Also, Jay couldn't stop laughing when I made these.

This shit needs to get organized STAT. (I just got the evil eye for typing that.)

Evil-eye doer also gave me this wild daisy-like flower so he is forgiven.

Left bowl: chestnut, obsidian (I think?), and some sort of animal jaw (possum? raccoon?).
Right bowl: pine cones.


  1. Love those pics, daughter! Whew, glad that blasted election is done with!!