Thursday, November 8, 2012

new addition

In addition to voting the other day, we did our civic duty by adopting a shelter pup.

It was a rather exhausting day, so this shit is going to be short, but to sum it up, with think Bonnie (who used to be called Lola) is going to fit in quite well with our brood.

We love her already. Clyde loves her (obviously).

And Nekkie actually didn't throw his hackles up when he first saw her (so that means he loves her, too).


  1. How exciting! (And stressful at first --- good luck getting over that hump!)

    1. It's funny how having a new pet sometimes makes you feel like you have an invader in your home -- throws off your routine and all. But Bonnie has been quite the lady so far... and it's so different (read: easier) having a small dog. ;)