Thursday, May 16, 2013

green overload

A while back, I scraped the grass off this little area but was too tired to dig up yet more rocks in preparation for a planting bed. So it just sat there and I kept anything from growing in it until I could figure out what should go there. I decided to seed some oilseed radishes in the hopes that they will do the digging for me and will make a suitable planting space for something else next year.

Something has been nibbling on my Michihili cabbage, so I dusted the plants with some diatomaceous earth in the hopes of deterring whatever critter is doing the damage.

The peas have turned into a jungle.

The beans are up! Now for more trellising.


  1. Your peas look to be a week ahead of mine --- no fair! I love seeing your garden photos. :-)

  2. Stay tuned for a complete garden update -- I, too, love seeing your garden progress!