Tuesday, May 7, 2013

kale + citrus

Our over-wintered volunteer kale is starting to flower, but there weren't quite enough leaves to make pesto, so we decided to try kale chips. While they were pretty tasty, I actually found myself reaching for the raw kale/sea salt/olive oil mixture still sitting in the mixing bowl that didn't have room for on the baking sheet (Jay felt the same).

If you want to try them, here's the crux of it:

- preheat oven to 275 degrees
- remove ribs from kale leaves and cut with kitchen shears into 2-3-inch pieces
- sprinkle with olive oil (I used one of those Misto oil sprayers), then sea salt and garlic powder
- spray baking sheet with nonstick spray (I didn't do this, and it was a bitch to get them off)
- arrange in a single layer
- bake for 15 to 20 minutes

Again, we both actually preferred the raw but seasoned kale, so maybe leave a little in the bowl and decide for yourself.

I couldn't pass up this peach tree (on the right) in the discount plant section at Walmart yesterday. I have no idea what variety it is (the tag is a joke), and it could quite possibly turn out to be a dud, but it was ten bucks that I was willing to gamble. Ten bucks! It looks a little droopy right now, but I'm hoping that it perks back up. I might also plant it right where you see it now because I'd like it to be close to the house and provide some shade eventually for the dog run.

The 2-3-year-old clementine (on the left) that I ordered about a week ago arrived via FedEx today and looks to be in pretty good shape. I ordered one online because I haven't been able to find any citrus trees locally. I spent forty bucks on it, including shipping, so I've got a lot more invested than the peach tree. Gotta find a big, pretty pot for it to live in since it will be coming indoors with us during the winter. Now that I feel satisfied with finding a reputable online seller (I came across lots of horror stories in my research), I might see about getting a lime tree, too. (I've already got dibs on a meyer lemon tree start from a buddy once he lets me know when it's ready, woo hoo!)


  1. Who is your reputable online seller, if you don't mind? I have been thinking of buying from online stores because the selection around here (rural Arkansas) on some types of plants is abysmal!

    1. I ordered it through Amazon, and the seller was Larry's Orchids and Tropicals. I felt that if I used Amazon, I might have a better chance of getting a refund if the order went sour for whatever reason. Larry's has mixed reviews on Dave's Garden, but I took a chance anyway and am very pleased so far. Maybe it's because my expectations were low? lol :)

  2. We have found that Lacinato kale (or Dinosaur kale) makes the best chips. Try some other varieties, thay all taste so differently.

    1. Yea, I think this was dwarf Siberian. I have Lacinato growing right now, so I'll have to try that variety, too!