Saturday, May 18, 2013

the pigs are in the barn, yippee!

Today, we corralled the pigs into the little co-op utility trailer and towed them up to the barn with Polly. They were quite pleased with their new accommodations and immediately started rooting around. They also very quickly learned the boundaries of the electric fence. We watched them for about an hour and enjoyed some cervezas in the meantime.

The chickens were intrigued by all the commotion. Interestingly, chicken feathers are apparently excellent insulators because they don't get shocked -- unless they touch the wire with the un-feathered parts of their heads or their feet.

Then Moosie decided to test the fence and spent the rest of the excursion far, far away from that scary white wire. (We checked on them a few hours later and brought Tally up -- she also quickly learned that wet puppy noses and electric wire do not mix -- yipe!)

Clyde might have a second career as barn dog in addition to porch dog (but has yet to test the wire).

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