Thursday, May 2, 2013

unwanted-plant killer

The term weed killer is a little ambiguous to me. What constitutes a weed? I consider anything I don't want somewhere that propagates itself mercilessly to be a weed, grass included. You might recall that the herb potager garden was getting completely overrun with unwanted plants: grass in the gravel and some mysterious, irritating, purple-flowered plant in the beds themselves.

I pulled out the purple-flowered plants in the beds by hand and sprayed the grass in the gravel with 6% cleaning-strength vinegar and then sprinkled baking soda on top. The sizzle was most satisfying, but it looked like a drug dealer dropped a giant bag of cocaine all over the gravel once I was done.

Then I transplanted my herbs into one corner and mulched them with mini bark nuggets.

The roses that came with our house seem pretty content.

Also, Moosie is getting a little chubby around the edges.

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